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Improvement of the existing isn’t the name of the game anymore.

We left our comfort zone years ago, co-founded start-ups in Europe and Silicon Valley, engaged with the maker scene and help companies initiating their change. At Warp-Innovation we focus our experiences through engagement with like-minded partners – using state-of-the-art-methods as well as technologies for start-ups and corporates.

Michael Dell, Riccardo Dell, Jasna Kovčin

You grow a fantastic business relevant for transport and want to reach The Launch Stage in front of partners, services and investors!
You are a progressive service company eager working with emerging teams and organizations!
See our news below on the TRA and apply for the Boost Camp …

Boost Camp

Regardless of your stage as a solopreneur, entrepreneur, start-up, Warp-Innovation Boost Camps warp your biz ideas during intensive three days. The end result is an executable roadmap.
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Boost Space

Warp-Innovation Boost Spaces connect you as established organization with emerging ones like start-ups, makers and small enterprises to warp your businesses – whatever your biz card shows and regardless of what you have undertaken so far.
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