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We are WORKING with maximum of ten teams with generally three people per team in parallel by boosting their biz ideas during three challenging days.


We are conducting TRAIN-THE-TRAINER sessions and/or directly engage with your innovation teams exclusively.


We ENABLE spin-outs of student teams including their co-founders during a challenging three day format based on theoretical background as given by the institute and our facilitators. Further support may occur after studies when going to market.

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Challenge your idea during a 3-day intensive session.
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With the help of the boost camp we came up with a completely new and highly innovative product for architecture and the construction industry („jetcrete“). We could not have spent the 5 days of our 3 persons from the core development team in a better way – the structured outcome helped us to reduce development time and to explain potential customers what we are actually planning and why the solution is better – and all of this in words, that THEY understand!

Josef Kremsz

We are in a difficult market: complex products with innovative technology – how to tell this medical doctors and veterinaries? With the results of the boost camp we managed to do so and now we are launching successfully! My personal „best outcome“ was a simple financial plan which showed me how to launch without having a enormous marketing budget – an now, after 6 months, I can prove that our plan worked out!

Cornelia Knoll

The boost camp process helped us a lot in the initial phase of our company development. We came out with a much clearer focus and a structured development plan. The best thing for us was that we decided, when to do „design freezes“ in order to speed up time to market significantly. And – not to forget: now we know how to pitch a complex product to different groups of customers and / or stakeholders in 3 minutes! Outstanding

Christian Schöll

The structured way of the boost camp helped us to quickly elaborate our start-up plan. We found out, that the creation of the minimal viable product, opened a new approach to create a viral product for the mass market. In addition the customer value part and the pitching helped us to further clarify the main functions of our specialized product, which is used in research and academia. Without the boost camp the product development process would have needed a elapsed time of months instead of days!

Peter Graf

Warp Innovation's Boost Camp helped to re-organize and strengthen our company in just 3 intensive days. Everyone who is looking for the right boost of his idea or business should participate."

Florian Fazekas
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